Jody Owens on Reforming Mississippi’s Broken Legal System

Jody Owens has taken a unique approach to the role of DA. His goal is to decrease incarceration with a shift in focus. Instead of measuring success by the number of arrests or convictions, Jody Owens measures it by the safety of Hinds county. He believes that the path to safety is changing Mississippi’s broken legal system. 

Jody Owens has several methods for reforming the Mississippi legal system. He states that drug addiction and mental illness should be treated as medical issues, not criminal ones. Prisons are being used as a means of dealing with these issues, even when other methods are actually more effective at increasing the safety of communities. 

According to Jody Owens, prosecutors are failing the people they are meant to serve. He states that the prosecutor’s job doesn’t end with a conviction, but begins with it. There’s a cycle of children following in their father’s footsteps, and the system has done very little to prevent it.

He explains "The system was never fair for defendants. It’s also not helping victims because victims are continuing to be victimized because you’re creating a new level of defendants and individuals who will commit crimes."

Jody Owens wants to put more power into the hands of the community by giving them an opportunity to resolve problems. Programs like mediation, impact panels, and teen courts can help break the cycle of the penal system. They give victims a voice, allowing them to speak for themselves instead of a prosecutor speaking for them. They allow perpetrators to see the impact their crime has. Restitution can help both parties move on from the incident without creating more problems than it solves. 

Bail is another issue Jody Owens is passionate about. He states that "The usage of bail and bond fees in Mississippi, particularly in Hinds County, is often used to punish individuals who are poor." He goes on to explain that many individuals remain incarcerated because they are too poor to post bail, not because they have been found guilty of a crime. He is advocating for use of cash bail only in cases where the accused poses an actual flight risk or threat to the safety of the community.

Jody Owens worked with the Southern Poverty Law Center for eight years before becoming the Hinds County DA. While his role has changed, his passion for justice and the betterment of the community as a whole has not. 


Jody Owens Mississippi Explains Why Mississippi has One of the Worst School-to-Prison Pipelines in the United States

Society has often failed many a disadvantaged person, and one such failing is the School-to-Prison pipeline. Jody Owens Mississippi explains how this system hurts Mississippians.

Address / Website / Date / A controversial system that seems to have manifested in many states, if not all of them, is the school-to-prison pipeline. The school-to-prison pipeline refers to a system where students, once they graduate or otherwise leave school, seem to go straight into the juvenile and criminal justice systems. This is due to a combination of learning disabilities, a poor family history, and systemic racism, which introduces a number of obstacles that are outside of the control of those students. Some states have greater issues with this than others, and Jody Owens Mississippi explains why Mississippi residents may have it the worst of all of them.

Jody Owens Mississippi explains why Mississippi residents face one of the biggest school-to-prison pipelines

Jody Owens Mississippi points out that in recent years, Mississippi has faced a lot of negative attention for the school-to-prison pipeline system formulated by civil rights and class issues in the state. In 2012, a civil rights case was filed against the city of Meredian, Mississippi, with allegations that children of color and disabled students were being unfairly targeted with police action for minor school infractions. Not only that, but the children were not explained their rights or given access to counsel while in custody, and worse yet, they were subjected to cruel and unusual punishment while in prison, including having small confinements or having mace employed in response to even minor misbehavior, Jody Owens Mississippi laments.

The Department of Justice intervened in the city’s operations, Jody Owens Mississippi notes, threatening to file a federal lawsuit in the event that the problem is not alleviated facing students of color and/or disabled students, claiming that what they were experiencing constituted a constitutional violation. Mississippi was also criticized by Judge Sarah Sigalas for sending students with minor behavioral issues to her courtroom, saying that this needlessly fuels the school-to-prison pipeline. What is perhaps most shocking, Jody Owens Mississippi notes, is that children of color sent to Youth Court in 2014 in Sunflower Country, Mississippi comprises a staggering 97 percent of all children sent to the Youth Court.

Jody Owens Mississippi notes that efforts have been made, however, to counteract the school-to-prison system, both in and outside of Mississippi. It is a lousy issue for Mississippi, to be sure, but a problem that faces children of color all across the United States. Organizations in Mississippi that are working to combat it include the American Civil Liberties Union of Mississippi, The Sunflower County Systems Change Project, and Mississippi Center for Justice; nationwide, the Southern Poverty Law Center and the American Civil Liberties Union have made great efforts to combat it. Jody Owens Mississippi hopes to see more progress made on this.

Jody Owens Mississippi Talks About The Importance of Networking

Jody Owens of Mississippi is no stranger to the power of networking. He has used his expert abilities in networking to help him build a credible list of contacts that have developed lots of opportunities for him and his associates. However, many law students are still shy about networking whenever they are not confident in their abilities. Fortunately, Jody Owens of Mississippi is here to show you how to become a better networker and take control of any social situation. These skills can be applied in the courtroom to your advantage as well.

The first thing that Jody Owen from Mississipi recommends that you do is to reach out to your local chamber of commerce. There will be a lot of business owners and other entrepreneurs at these events looking to network with other businesses. Jody Owens believes Mississippi knows the importance of a chance opportunity. There have been many chance opportunities that have happened to Jody Owens of Mississippi after attending a successful local event. You never know who is going to show up at these events and who will need your legal services. 

Another tip that Jody Owens from Mississippi wants younger law students to know about is how to hold a proper conversation with potential prospects. Jody Owens of Mississippi recommends that you do not get too personal too quickly with a future client. You want to play the slow game and be a better listener in the beginning. Jody Owens of Mississippi is a master at the art of conversation and always makes sure to listen to his clients first. There is a huge disconnect in the conversation if you open up talking only about yourself. This can make the other person feel uncomfortable and walk away. Jody Owens of Mississippi has developed a lot of working relationships with people by being a better listener.

Finally, you should consider networking online. Jody Owens of Mississippi believes that online services such as LinkedIn provide people with a fantastic ability to network without ever leaving the comfort of their home. Fortunately, these websites are free, though you can use a premium service to use the website to its full potential.

Jody Owens of Mississippi believes that we should work together to solve problems in our community such as crime and mental health. He campaigns for this regularly and is always looking for help. Networking is a fantastic opportunity to build your legal career if you know who to talk to. Use these tips to get ahead of the curve whenever it comes to networking to your full potential. The world is yours for the taking if you have enough ambition and drive. 

Jody Owens Discusses a Recent Forum on Criminal Justice Reform Held By NFL Players

District Attorney Jody Owens discusses a recent forum on criminal justice reform held by NFL players.

Members of the National Football League recently discussed criminal justice reform and its importance for a superior overall society. The nonprofit Players Coalition organization was founded by a group of NFL players to cover important social topics and use their fame to bring awareness to them. District attorney Jody Owens recently discussed the NFL players’ forum on criminal justice reform, which was held on July 17, 2019.

Jody Owens remarked that her opponents in the Hinds County District Attorney race did not attend the forum, and she was disappointed in their actions. She explained that the position of Hinds County District Attorney is a major one, and the future district attorney of the county should be present at these types of events. Jody Owens described that the position of district attorney is one that determines the freedom of citizens, and voters need to see that the next district attorney is going to take these topics seriously.

“I see the position of Hinds County District Attorney as one of the most important ones that can be held in this area,” Jody Owens said. “I take attending these types of forums very seriously, because criminal justice is my passion and my occupation.”

Jody Owens remarked that the forum was held by Mississippi native Demario Davis and New Orleans Saint Adalius Thomas. Thomas is also a Super Bowl champion, and the people of the community, young and old, view both players as role models. Jody Owens remarked that Davis spoke heavily about citizens standing up for what they believe in and claiming the community as theirs.

Davis stated that the state is known for its mass incarceration, and there’s clearly a need for reform within the criminal justice system. The two NFL players hope their presence will make more people away of the seriousness of the situation. Jody Owens explained that she thinks the forum will help citizens understand where candidates stand on such issues. Other topics covered during the forum were the juvenice justice system and police accountability.

“I’m thankful I was able to attend this event,” Jody Owens said. “We all need to understand the issues our state is facing in terms of criminal justice on a deeper level. I appreciate Adalius Thomas and Demario Davis taking time away from their busy schedules to speak to us about community issues they feel strongly about.”

Jody Owens explained that the forum was a must-visit event for her, and when others are held, she will be there for them too. Jody Owens was the only Hinds County District Attorney to attend the forum.

Jody Owens Strives for Prison Reform in Mississippi

Jody Owens, the new District Attorney of Hinds County, has a long-standing history of speaking up against discrimination. This lends itself well to his efforts to encourage prison reform in the state of Mississippi.

Jody Owens Believes in Alternatives to Incarceration

Jody Owens became the District Attorney of Hinds County, Mississippi in January. At the swear-in ceremony, he spoke before attendees at the Courthouse. He was there with his aunt Denise Owens, who is the District 3 Chancery Court judge. Jody Owens made it a point to tell everyone that they (he and the rest of the court system) care about being safe and that they will take precautions to always be safe. He received support from Mayor Lumumba during his campaign.

One of the major areas of concern for Jody Owens is that of viewing criminal justice policy through a lens of public safety. He thinks that drug addiction should be treated more like a public health crisis, avoiding just putting those who have addiction issues in jail and instead, getting them the help that they need.

Jody Owens also has expressed that it is his goal to make communities healthier and improve upon public safety matters. When you treat the underlying issues, there’s a greater chance of having safer communities for a longer time period. For instance, Jody Owens gave an interview back in September 2019 in which he stated that he could take a gun away from someone who brought it in, but this won’t fix issues that led to the person getting the gun in the first place.

Some other alternatives to incarceration Jody Owens plans to bring about include special programs for juvenile offenders and veterans, as well as drug courts. He also plans to make the prosecution of violent crimes a priority, which makes sense when you consider that gun violence accounts for many of the crimes in Jackson. He will work towards limiting prosecution for low-level offenses like marijuana possession to cut down on unnecessary incarceration and implement other forms of retribution in some of these cases.

Ongoing Detention Center Issues to Become a Thing of the Past Through the Work of Jody Owens

Jody Owens wishes to tackle the problems that Hinds County Detention Center has had with lengthy pre-trial detention. The pre-trial detention rates tend to be prolonged and this goes against the Constitution. Jody Owens plans to work with local law enforcement and judges to make changes with this issue.