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Jody Owens Mississippi Explains Why Mississippi has One of the Worst School-to-Prison Pipelines in the United States

Society has often failed many a disadvantaged person, and one such failing is the School-to-Prison pipeline. Jody Owens Mississippi explains how this system hurts Mississippians. Address / Website / Date / A controversial system that seems to have manifested in many states, if not all of them, is the school-to-prison pipeline. The school-to-prison pipeline refers […]

Jody Owens Strives for Prison Reform in Mississippi

Jody Owens, the new District Attorney of Hinds County, has a long-standing history of speaking up against discrimination. This lends itself well to his efforts to encourage prison reform in the state of Mississippi. Jody Owens Believes in Alternatives to Incarceration Jody Owens became the District Attorney of Hinds County, Mississippi in January. At the […]