Jody Owens Discusses a Recent Forum on Criminal Justice Reform Held By NFL Players

District Attorney Jody Owens discusses a recent forum on criminal justice reform held by NFL players.

Members of the National Football League recently discussed criminal justice reform and its importance for a superior overall society. The nonprofit Players Coalition organization was founded by a group of NFL players to cover important social topics and use their fame to bring awareness to them. District attorney Jody Owens recently discussed the NFL players’ forum on criminal justice reform, which was held on July 17, 2019.

Jody Owens remarked that her opponents in the Hinds County District Attorney race did not attend the forum, and she was disappointed in their actions. She explained that the position of Hinds County District Attorney is a major one, and the future district attorney of the county should be present at these types of events. Jody Owens described that the position of district attorney is one that determines the freedom of citizens, and voters need to see that the next district attorney is going to take these topics seriously.

“I see the position of Hinds County District Attorney as one of the most important ones that can be held in this area,” Jody Owens said. “I take attending these types of forums very seriously, because criminal justice is my passion and my occupation.”

Jody Owens remarked that the forum was held by Mississippi native Demario Davis and New Orleans Saint Adalius Thomas. Thomas is also a Super Bowl champion, and the people of the community, young and old, view both players as role models. Jody Owens remarked that Davis spoke heavily about citizens standing up for what they believe in and claiming the community as theirs.

Davis stated that the state is known for its mass incarceration, and there’s clearly a need for reform within the criminal justice system. The two NFL players hope their presence will make more people away of the seriousness of the situation. Jody Owens explained that she thinks the forum will help citizens understand where candidates stand on such issues. Other topics covered during the forum were the juvenice justice system and police accountability.

“I’m thankful I was able to attend this event,” Jody Owens said. “We all need to understand the issues our state is facing in terms of criminal justice on a deeper level. I appreciate Adalius Thomas and Demario Davis taking time away from their busy schedules to speak to us about community issues they feel strongly about.”

Jody Owens explained that the forum was a must-visit event for her, and when others are held, she will be there for them too. Jody Owens was the only Hinds County District Attorney to attend the forum.