Jody Owens Mississippi Talks About The Importance of Networking

Jody Owens of Mississippi is no stranger to the power of networking. He has used his expert abilities in networking to help him build a credible list of contacts that have developed lots of opportunities for him and his associates. However, many law students are still shy about networking whenever they are not confident in their abilities. Fortunately, Jody Owens of Mississippi is here to show you how to become a better networker and take control of any social situation. These skills can be applied in the courtroom to your advantage as well.

The first thing that Jody Owen from Mississipi recommends that you do is to reach out to your local chamber of commerce. There will be a lot of business owners and other entrepreneurs at these events looking to network with other businesses. Jody Owens believes Mississippi knows the importance of a chance opportunity. There have been many chance opportunities that have happened to Jody Owens of Mississippi after attending a successful local event. You never know who is going to show up at these events and who will need your legal services. 

Another tip that Jody Owens from Mississippi wants younger law students to know about is how to hold a proper conversation with potential prospects. Jody Owens of Mississippi recommends that you do not get too personal too quickly with a future client. You want to play the slow game and be a better listener in the beginning. Jody Owens of Mississippi is a master at the art of conversation and always makes sure to listen to his clients first. There is a huge disconnect in the conversation if you open up talking only about yourself. This can make the other person feel uncomfortable and walk away. Jody Owens of Mississippi has developed a lot of working relationships with people by being a better listener.

Finally, you should consider networking online. Jody Owens of Mississippi believes that online services such as LinkedIn provide people with a fantastic ability to network without ever leaving the comfort of their home. Fortunately, these websites are free, though you can use a premium service to use the website to its full potential.

Jody Owens of Mississippi believes that we should work together to solve problems in our community such as crime and mental health. He campaigns for this regularly and is always looking for help. Networking is a fantastic opportunity to build your legal career if you know who to talk to. Use these tips to get ahead of the curve whenever it comes to networking to your full potential. The world is yours for the taking if you have enough ambition and drive.